RBL Ak2 High Power 2.4 GHz (without antenna)

RBL Ak2 High Power 2.4 GHz (without antenna)

AP/Client with routing function High speed 11 Mbps (802.11b) or 54Mbps (802.11g) data rate High power (100-250mW) Output for long range radio link POE built-in for single cable installation Adjustable RF output power

They are available in aluminum die cast enclosure with N-type Female connector for use with high gain external (Detached) antennas.
The RBL AK2 wireless Access Point, based on IEEE 802.11b/g technology, delivers access point features enabling cost effective access for mobile and fixed wireless users.

In addition, the RBL AK2 Series supports IEEE 802.1x compliant and RADIUS, the most up-to-date wireless security solution for applications in public places.

Moreover, the RBL AK2 Series provides standard and advanced WDS (Wireless Distribution System) bridge functionality joining LAN segments that may be geographically separated to a complete network. Up to 6 WDS bridge links work in AP function simultaneously, enabling LAN segments to be flexibly connected to mirror any network topology which a traditional wired network can achieve.

The bundled Antenna Alignment Utility provides the at-a-glance way to easily assist the antenna deployment through the friendly web based user interface!

The default PoE capability allows the power feeding by Ethernet cable to eliminate the additional power line requirement in special install environment.

With the sleek and intuitive Web-based user interface, the RBL AK2 can be easily managed and satisfied by system integrators’ various requirements.

Multiple Graphs make troubleshooting a 3 step process. The over all RSSI, Traffic, and Packet/Byte graphs provide all the necessary device history information over a period of 24 hours.