RBL Mach 5

RBL Mach 5

The RBL Mach 5presents a 5 GHz point-to-point product with superior performance building longdistance links. This product is equipped with an extreme output power (up to 29dBm) 802.11n radio that was created with a unique hardware design and coupledwith a reliable, feature-rich operating system. This device also has a robust,IP-67 compliant enclosure, which is combined with a high-gain dual-polarizedpanel antenna. The RBL Mach 5 is generally designed for PTP applications, but can also act as a high-end client device.

The included, robust software engine allows the RBL Mach 5 to work as bridge or as a router, provides a user-friendly Adobe Flex -based GUI with instant changes, includes useful installation tools (Sitesurvey, Antenna alignment, Delayed reboot, Spectrum analyzer), and also iscompatible with Wireless Network Management System for one of the most advancedmanagement tools on the market.


Usage recommendation

PTP mode (two RBL Mach 5 devices): 50 km/ 31.07 mi

PTMP mode (RBL Mach 5 as a client device): 25 km/ 15.53 mi

PTMP full capacity mode (RBL Mach 5 as a client device): 10 km/ 6.21 mi

Maximum throughput: 160 Mbps

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