Private Networks

Enterprise wireless networks

Some enterprises (especially IT) want to have their own independent network infrastructure for secure communication without additional monthly costs. With wireless PTP technologies this need can be easily realized. For private connectivity we suggest unlicensed band devices like RBL 5M-18 RBL 2M-14.


Building-to-building connectivity

Building-to-building wireless connectivity can be effectively used in areas under the same administrative policy like campus, hospital buildings, school and etc. Recommended RB-LINK PTP devices are from the unlicensed band series: RBL 5M-18, RBL 2M-14.



LAN extensions

In metropolitan areas, small internet service providers often connect LAN networks from near buildings together to bigger MAN network. If the building can’t be connected with cable, usually it can be connected with wireless. RB-LINK recommends RBL 5M-18.